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Sk8erboy® SNIFF ME Socks black

Sk8erboy® SNIFF ME Socks black

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– With this clearly understandable message you show directly where the sniffer paradise is. So your bottom should either follow his nose or simply be able to read! Cool socks that are no less reserved at the waistband. With a clear statement you show directly what is going on. And with the message attached to the side FUCK MY SOCKS OFF you make one thing clear - not for the faint of heart!

Our very special feel-good socks for sniffers and tops who want to show their subs where to go. Just GAY pieces!

Softened was yesterday or many weeks ago..
One thing is clear: you simply have to have these parts!

• Fully plush, so thick and fluffy from top to bottom, these socks absorb the aroma particularly well and for a long time.
• Size sewn inside the waistband
• Composition: 95% cotton 5% elastane
• Clear statement on the waistband and sole!

Before wearing: New socks get their final shape and size after the first wash. Only then do they absorb sweat and odors perfectly. So, put it in the washing machine before you wear it for the first time. Maybe directly without fabric softener, for a better smell!

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