An important topic! As the name suggests, it is one Sk8erboyparty , a fetish theme party and not a glamorous evening event in the "little black one".

However, we are not exclusively fixated on skater style and baggys, which unfortunately are almost out of date. Cool jeans, jogging pants or sports shorts are also popular beauties. Combined with a cool top and trendy sneakers, the entrance is open to you. Just take a look at the pictures from the last few parties and discover what the boys were wearing there. If your outfit doesn't fit, there is unfortunately no discussion at the entrance and no exceptions to gain access.

Please make sure your clothes and trainers are from popular brands. Clothing fetish = branded clothing!

Dress code required: Sportswear, Sneaker, Skater, Sagger, Emo, Proll, Trackies, Chav, Scally, Football, Lycra, PVC, Underwear, Skins, Biker, Rubber in combination with Sportswear,Sk8erboy fan stuff

no go - and therefore no admission for: Leather, naked, glitter & glamor, women's clothing, boots, sandals, army, no-name sneakers, business dress, perfume cloud

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