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F-Machine Tremblr Milking Machine Bluetooth

F-Machine Tremblr Milking Machine Bluetooth

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Tremblr/Tremblr BT-R is our hands-free masturbation machine that will suck and fuck you tirelessly. Owning a Tremblr means you can demand expertly executed blow jobs at the touch of a button, luxuriously controlled from your mobile device or remote control.

Now with our new silicone cases for a softer, more sensual experience that will leave you screaming for more!!!

Tremblr BT-R now features Bluetooth connectivity and an easy-to-use, easy-to-download app (search for F-Machine Connect in the Apple App or Google Play Stores). A significant upgrade to the experience of what has become THE globally recognized eating machine (BT-R machine only)

NOTE: An upgrade to the app will be released in mid-2023, allowing you to control the machine from anywhere in the world. Suck your friends voyeur style and watch them fight not to cum. Tie her up on the screen, doms take note of your new ability to abuse from afar. All with the brand new Tremblr BT-R model!

NOTE: Also in mid-2023, Tremblr will become portable for those who crave added security and convenience or simply love the idea of ​​using a virtual reality headset with ease. Wearable Tremblr will revolutionize male masturbation forever (compatible with ALL Tremblr devices).

Tremblr never gets tired, Tremblr never gets boring. Tremblr can suck your cock gently, slowly and sensually, or he can fuck you balls deep and bring you to a furious climax. It's hard to imagine, but you will start to consider the Tremblr milking machine as your new lover, you will become aroused by Tremblr's mere presence in the room and yes, it is more than likely that you will fall in love with your machine.

If you're lucky enough to have the BT-R model, you can also connect your machine via Bluetooth and control it from your mobile device. If you're feeling particularly kinky, you can also let a friend control the machine for you from anywhere in the world. You have a room full of F machines No problem, switch from one machine to the next, all from your phone..

Tremblr gets its name from the effect it has on your legs, literally making you shake and tremble by blowing your cock and your mind together in one big, powerful blow. It's a bit expensive, but those are the best things in life most of the time. This is not a toy that will bore you after 5 minutes, but a toy that will make you rearrange your life to spend more time with it, and you will keep finding excuses to spend those few more minutes with your new lover spend.

Like all of our devices, Tremblr is very quiet, in fact it is by far the quietest device we have ever built.
The only way your neighbors will know what you're doing is if you can't contain your guaranteed overexcitement.

Perfect as a discreet masturbation machine for the home or as an addition to your fetish setup/dungeon.For Doms, this is the perfect tool for your willing subjects.

Guaranteed to help men train before ejaculation.

Tremblr has also been proven to help a high percentage of men suffering from erectile dysfunction reach orgasm without an erection (but is extremely effective at producing an erection).


  • Extremely robust and discreet carrying case
  • Wireless remote control (start-stop, speed control, suction/drive)
  • Ultralight masturbation receiver (hands-free operation)
  • Highest speed of 180 strokes per minute
  • Powerful but quiet industrial motor and speed controller
  • Adjustable pump performance
  • Storage compartments in the case for accessories
  • Fits 95% of all penis sizes (supplied with 3 tubes (M, L, XL)
  • Automatically switchable 110/240V power adapter for most power supplies worldwide
  • Device viewing window with blue activation LEDs and red LED to switch off the device
  • Built-in electric blower for extended use even in the hottest situations
  • Supplied with all tools and accessories for maintenance and adjustment of the device
  • The tubes contain SILICONE. Do not use if you suffer from silicone allergies

Shipping time from stock: 4-6 weeks

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