Sk8erboy® präsentiert die neuen Sk8erboy® DIAPER Socks

Sk8erboy® presents the new Sk8erboy® DIAPER Socks

We experimented for a long time to find the right design. Our new Sk8erboy® Socks, the Sk8erboy® DIAPER Socks, are the result of more than two years of hard work. We now have the perfect socks for all ABDL AB or DL fans.

The message on the soles of the socks is clear and distinct. This ass is padded and well packaged.

Whether it's a cozy Netflix evening on the sofa or a long-term session in the cage, these socks are a must for every diaper fan.

In 2022 we were very happy that the diaper community continued to grow. With our Sk8erboy® DIAPER Socks you can have the perfect combination with the"waterproof"MR Riegillio PVC Tracksuit or our Puppy Collection .

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