Sk8erboy® GEAR HEAD Kollektion ist online

Sk8erboy® GEAR HEAD collection is online

All GEAR HEADS have waited a long time. Now the first products are our new Sk8erboy GEAR HEAD collectionn on-line. Our extremely high quality t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts are available in three awesome color codes.

Everything neon, of course! In the matching colors:


Matches your strauss workwear, your fire department dress or your Viking suit. With our hoodies you won't get cold so quickly!

You will then be perfectly prepared for the queue in front of the LAB or UnderGround. In the summer on the Steppenbrand you'll be appropriately equipped with your neon yellow high-vis trousers and your Sk8erboy GEAR HEAD T-shirt..

Of course, you can also combine the clothes perfectly with your work outfit and your sweaty, warm Dunlop Purofort.

Our Sk8erboy MX Sockss always keep you warm! Stay tuned to see what else is waiting for you in the coming weeks! Gear up, be fetish!

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