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Oxball's Cocksling II

Oxball's Cocksling II

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The COCKSLING-2 is an absolute must-have classic, the best cock ring Oxballs has ever made - wear it for fucking, fondling, piss play and blowjobs, or wear it under clothes for a bigger bump...

Put it on and fuck away. He cups your balls, holds your cock rock hard, and pushes everything you have up and out. The ergonomic shape with the anatomical channel under your cock allows you to pee while hard and cum without feeling like your cock ring is pinching you.

If you've ever jerked off in bed, wrapping and squeezing your hand around the base of your cock and balls, that's the feeling this cock ring will give you. It pumps up your balls and makes your cock bigger, harder and makes every stroke more intense.

Built for hard sex, but also fits for long thrusts.
  • FLEX-TPR safe, non-toxic and phthalate-free
  • In our new vacuum sealed packaging.
  • Lubricant Safe:Water Based
  • Dimensions:
    • Cock & Ball Hole:1.1".
    • tail hole 2.5 cm
    • Testicle hole:2.5 cm
    • Length:5cm
    • Weight:59 grams
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