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MR Riegillio PVC tracksuit pants yellow stripes

MR Riegillio PVC tracksuit pants yellow stripes

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You like sweaty adventures and love to feel pure PVC on your skin? We have just the thing for sweaty and wet adventures! Believe us, you'll love this Mr Riegillio PVC tracksuit. Suitable for wet adventures or just as a perfect addition to the rest of your outfit - now also available with yellow stripes.

The best thing about it, you cut a hot figure in this shiny black piece anyway. Get the matching jacket with yellow stripes now. You've never been so hot at a fetish party.

Product Notes:

Check out the size chart on this page to determine your perfect size! PVC is a non-elastic material. Once stretched it will not return to its original surface/shape. Tracksuit pants come with an easily removable protective plastic sheet on the strips.


  • Awesome design
  • Colour:black/yellow
  • Composition:100% PVC
  • Washable with special PVC clothing detergents
  • Fats and oils can attack the material
  • Partly water and urine repellent
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