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F-Machine Gigolo

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Stylish - Elegant - Thoughtful - Sexy! These words are not often used to describe a machine designed for fucking. But the F-Machine engineers in the UK delivered a device that was thought to be impossible. Equipped with the latest technology, this machine will be your personal F ** k friend - your GIGOLO!

The GIGOLO glows in a soft blue and moves absolutely smoothly and quietly. A foretaste of what to expect - an intense experience like you've never had before. Lean back and enjoy multiple orgasms that you didn't think possible before the GIGOLO.

The revolutionary foot with its many possibilities to align the fucking machine and the remote control make the GIGOLO so user-friendly and versatile.

The GIGOLO impresses with its simple, yet versatile design. This makes this F-Machine ideal for occasional use and is very much appreciated by beginners. The device can be adjusted to different angles and heights to meet all needs - even for seasoned BDSM enthusiasts and greedy power bottoms. Safety features like the jacketed motor make it safe and safe to use.

The stroke of the F ** km machine is between 2.5 cm and 10 cm and can be adjusted. The GIGOLO has a Vac-U-Lock head, but thanks to the new "USB" design it can also be combined with other dildos that have a removable suction cup. The separately available squeegee for the GIGOLO ensures that the machine does not move across the floor even at the highest speed.

With its sleek design, the viewing window with the engraved logo and the cool lighting, this machine is a real eye-catcher in every bedroom and dungeon.

Click on "Buy" and before you know it, the GIGOLO will pamper you. Lean back, press "Start" and let your wildest fantasies come true.


  • 40 watt motor (quiet)
  • 0-240 revolutions / minute
  • Remote control with 16 adjustable speeds
  • Unique design of the frame, which allows you to adjust as many heights and angles as possible
  • jacketed motor
  • many angles possible, even a vertical orientation
  • silent mechanism (even at the highest level)
  • Visible window for the mechanism with engraved logo
  • all important parts from the aircraft industry
  • self-adjusting 110/240 volt 50/60 Hz power adapter
  • a black 20 cm dildo is included
  • black cardboard box that is delivered in neutral packaging
  • Carrying bag with F-Machine logo
  • optional USB attachment available
  • optional suction cup for the F-Machine also available
  • Not suitable for extreme dildos and attachments. We recommend the F-Machine Pro for this purpose.
  • Manual included